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Everyone Wants Something They Don't Have
teacher: what's the most tragic story you've ever read?
student 1: romeo and juliet
student 2: the fault in our stars
me: tokyo ghoul




Biologists are jerks.

Our sense of humor is infectious. 

This needs to go viral.

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I love Arakawa Hiromu’s art, stories and characters and was pleasantly surprised that she was a she and from Hokkaido (my favourite part of Japan). While Fullmetal Alchemist was an action / fantasy / mystery series, Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji) is about life at an agricultural high school. Losing all the fantastical elements of a shonen/action setting, Arakawa’s art, stories and characters just shines even more. 
There are a lot of real people, likeable circumstances, slow and believable evolution of stories and so much fun that you forget you’re learning about some very real and ordinary subjects in the process. 

One of my favourite aspects is the “budding romance” between the hero and one of his classmates - it oversteps a lot of safe, tried and trusted tropes that can carry a romance subplot for VOLUMES in most manga. Instead it gives us something not overpowering or annoyingly “the most important aspect” but an interesting side story that develops at a natural pace.
Taking the relationship from one-sided adoration takes the hero a lot of courage, awkward moments and consistent effort - which occasionally completely misses the mark or goes over the head of the oft oblivious (later often willingly so) target of his affections. Not to mention he gets to know much more than he bargained for about his chosen heroine before he actually makes much of an impact in her life. 
All of these things are just as they would be in real life, and that’s what makes the story SOOoo much more rewarding. Also the real, relaxed, natural way in which the hero inches away at his “purpose”, the amount of real effort he has to put in to figure anything out… even the very real financial circumstances, the choices / lack of choices the many children at the school have to make in regards to their futures & their families’ agricultural business, all of it is incredibly enjoyable. 

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oerbayun asked: lisa mishima or touka kirishima?

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Attack on Titan and the Walnut - Symbolism

Why the walnut?

While I was driving to student teaching today, I listened to “The Great Escape” by Cinema Staff. After some thought, I wondered why the animation staff decided to show a rolling walnut for the beginning and ending of the end credits. This led me to do some research regarding walnuts their symbolic meaning.

Various websites state that many folktales and stories use the walnut to symbolize something precious hidden under a tough exterior. In this case, we can compare a walnut’s shell to the Walls that guard the cities, and the cities as the actual nut. While the nut itself may represent the importance of the walls and the cities, the task of opening walnut can represent an entirely different meaning. According to Jungian tradition opening walnuts can represent the“attempts to solve a difficult problem in which something valuable is at stake”. Woah there, that means that the struggle to open the walnut can represent the struggle to preserve humanity.

And here’s where it gets crazy. According to other websites, while it is a known struggle to open up a walnut, the individual never knows if the nut will be good or bad. If the nut is good, then it implies that the labor was well worth it. On the flip side, if the nut is rotten or bitter, this can represent failure and a person’s struggle on something worthless.

SO, because we see the walnut uncracked, we have no idea if the nut inside will be good or bad. My interpretation? Well, I like to think that the walnut represents the whether preserving humanity was worth preserving or a pointless, fruitless struggle.

And this is how hardcore the SnK fandom is.

I didn’t know walnut’s were so  metal

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Run, Takane! Run!

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Disneyworld needs to make a rollercoaster based off of the ride Yzma and Kronk take to the lair. When the ride starts, Yzma’s voice yells “pull the lever, Kronk!” and the ride starts to move backwards so she yells “wrong lever!” and it shoots you forward.


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Ladies of the MCU + Misogyny

"Whatever women do, they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult." - Charlotte Whitton

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